Chester's Chesterfield Sofa Buying Guide

There are many chesterfield sofa online stores and just before you hit the click to buy button, we are going to make your life a little easier by sharing with you a guide to ensure that you are indeed purchasing a real Chesterfield which has been handcrafted with the finest of frames, springs, webbing, padding and upholstery by craftsman who leaves no margin for error.

The Framing

The frame is what keeps the sofa structured. Dimension, calculations are all exact and precise and this can only be achieved when it is handcrafted to perfection like how our craftsman’s do it. Kiln dried European and Hard Pine Wood which is used in our factory in Bangalore is of top quality. As such, cracking, bending, warping which is normal wear and tear on sofas is almost nonexistent in our pieces. The frames are not joined by ordinary joineries but by authentic Morten and Tenon Joinery which is one of the strongest joints in the furniture making business.

The Suspension and Webbing

Besides looking good, a genuine chesterfield sofa has another distinctive trademark and that is the suspension and webbing. This is important in determining the comfort and the last for a lifetime guarantee. The variety of quality suspension systems include, coiled spring units, sinuous steel springs and heavy duty elastic webbing.


Padding in imitation chesterfield sofas will not last. Over time, it will lose its ability to retain the form and shape. A genuine chesterfield sofa has layers upon layers of the finest material all carefully put together by skilled artisans. Jute fabrics, coir matting, felt and varying densities of high resilience polyurethane foam are common elements in genuinely handcrafted chesterfield sofas.


The visual appeal of a Chesterfield sofa is enhanced with the finest leather and fabrics available. The furniture store would be sourcing the best of hides from Europe and with their own tanning factory, the output would be nothing short of premium quality. Skilled artisans would be hand tacking the leather and spreading it across the padding with care and taking care of every corner and crevice to the minutest of millimetres. Full hide would be used, not split hide of imitation hide. A genuine chesterfield online store will not only offer different types of leather choices for their discerning clients but a description of the leather as well, including care instructions.


When you are browsing at a chesterfield online sofa store, the visual appeal of the Chesterfield will definitely draw your attention to the piece. But, in the case of a genuine chesterfield sofa, you should also pay very close attention to the detailing. The nail studs and the deep buttoning give the Chesterfield sofa its distinctive look. What you should be looking out for is the placement of each button, the accuracy of its placement. No loose threads hanging out. Each nail tacked into place with no loose studs. The studs should be hand tacked into the frame and not stripped studded like a sticker as it will soon drop off.

Chester’s Quality Guarantee + Leather Collection

At Chester’s we have mastered the art of a genuine chesterfield sofa. Using the finest leather and luxurious fabrics available, our skilled artisans trained in Europe turn a sofa into a magnificent hand-crafted Chesterfield to last a lifetime. We have over 30 years of experience and with own tanning factory in Bangalore, our clients are spoilt for choice over a range of leather hides we offer. Our tanners hand dyes the hides and as such, each client owns a unique Chesterfield. No two will ever be alike. We utilise techniques dating back to the 17th Century. Whatever you are after, a Chester’s original, hand-dyed aniline or a milled semi-nubuck, full grain oil pull up, a fine Nappa or a natural grain leather we have it covered.

With an experienced team, Chester’s is ready to help you answer any questions you have regarding what we believe is the best Chesterfield sofa online store in Bangalore, and our belief, in India. Get in touch today.


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