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There is never a right or wrong time to make a decision when purchasing a Chesterfield sofa. It is a sofa which many dream of owning but are not sure where to place such fine exquisite furniture in their home or office. It may be a leather corner sofa or also known as leather sectional sofa or a one or two-seater Chesterfield, there is always doubt as to whether it will look good. Over the years, our clients have had concerns when it comes to interior design and fitting a Chesterfield sofa in their space. We have collected the top three most frequently asked questions and answers so that it gives you an insight into this issue faced by others and help you discover that owning a Chesterfield sofa can be a real delight and wow any room it is placed in.

Q: The Chesterfield sofa is a statement and there is a tendency or bias amongst people that believe it is old fashioned and suited for older people and placed in palatial homes.

With the variety and fabric types of Chesterfield sofas available in our range today, there is one to fit any space. Regardless of the fact that you have an open-planned living space or an enclosed room like a boardroom, our pieces are versatile enough to fit in tight corners too.

If you have a wide space, consider a leather sectional sofa and a pair of sofas to give a visual balance or you can have a three-seater chesterfield classic sofa with a pair of single seaters on each side. If you really have a wide room, consider two occasional chairs to complete the look.

There is always a space in the office or home and you feel you want to add something to that space, do so with a one-off piece. It not only adds style, it adds intrigue too.

Q: We have limited space but are really keen on a Chesterfield sofa set. What would you suggest?

We would recommend that you choose a leather corner sofa which is often called also called leather sectional sofa. Then, you can complement it with a pair of singular chairs and leave enough room for a stylish coffee table. Also, if you send us exact measurements of your space, we can happily put together the best solution for you as well.

Q: Should we go for a leather sectional sofa or a fabric sectional sofa for our space?

Fabrics have come a long way and now last much longer and are far better to resist stains. On the other hand, leather has a look, feel and a class of its own. With today’s lifestyle, the main question you need to ask yourself is durability and these days, both the leather and fabric sectional sofa can offer that. A fabric sofa may suit a family and a leather sofa may suit a more formal environment but in recent times, we are noticing a trend whereby many families, even those with young children purchasing a leather sectional sofa as they value the craftsmanship and the durability of these pieces.

If you would like to ask us questions and have an interior design idea in mind and want to confirm which chesterfield sofa will be the perfect piece or pieces, Get in touch to with us. Our team of experts at Chester’s look forward to helping you.


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