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The Making of Chesterfield Sofa

The Original Chesterfield Sofa - The Legacy

The Original Chesterfield Sofa - The Legacy

The Classic Chesterfield sofa is a legacy.

The name is taken from the Earl of Chesterfield. In the 18th Century, the original antique sofa designs were settees which could accommodate 2 people. These settees were elongated and had a very luxurious finishing. They were built to last. The Chesterfield has very distinctive characteristics such as the deep buttoned upholstery, equal back and arm height, rolled arms and a nailhead trim.

Below is one of the Original Chesterfields beautifully recreated by our skilled artisans who have spent years in Europe honing this fine craft which requires a keen eye for detail and precision.

Balthazaar Chesterfield Leather Sofa

There are three types of chesterfield sofa types which are very popular amongst clients today.

Classic Chesterfield Sofa – Style 1

Duchess Leather Sofa

The straight or crested back. This style of antique sofa designs as the name suggests, are fairly traditional in appearance. However, the clever craftsmanship allows for better back support.

Classic Chesterfield Sofa – Style 2

A classic chesterfield sofa with a high or low leg option. The design adds elegance and the artisans are able to show off their creativity with the high legs by adding carvings or using other materials to enhance the overall look of the classic chesterfield sofa.

Diplomat Single Seater

Classic Chesterfield Sofa – Style 3

The third type is the one which is the most dramatic and visual element of a classic chesterfield sofa and that is the buttoned or cushioned base. The aim is to give much comfort and therefore, at times, even the base of the sofa, where the legs rest is tufted for comfort.

Oxford Leather Sofa

With time, the classic Chesterfield sofa (Linked to the Classic Page) has had a makeover. Whilst still retaining the basic structure and high-end luxurious look, the designs are now refreshing and contemporary to suit the aesthetics of modern interior designing trends. In the past, a Chesterfield was identified by its brownish leather finish and now, new shades are being introduced which are bright and bold but still utilising top-grain leather. Luxurious fabrics have now been added to the mix to adorn the antique sofa designs.

With the expansion of the classic Chesterfield sofa range, from one seater, two-seaters to a leather sectional sofa, the choice of placement of this high-end luxury product is limited only by one’s imagination and also no longer only confined to a living room.

Chester’s has a beautiful classic chesterfield sofa range and if you have any enquiries regarding any of our products, do get in touch with us get in touch with us. Our experts can help you plan where you can place these exquisite antique sofa designs in your space.

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