Why Chester’s believes they are the right choice for all your furniture needs?

An article written in Woodnews quotes Mr. Ramaswamy, our founder, stating what Chester’s creations meant for him, ‘’The Chesterfield sofa is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of history.’’

As we arrived into the Indian market we soon realized the scope and demand for the unique products we brought here. The evolution of new ideas gave us an advantage to open improvised doors and, to create a futuristic furniture market.


With the help of our in-house research team, we analyzed the thought processes of consumers and came to a conclusion that, if we wanted to be different, our products and strategies should deliver the same. Since every consumer's tastes and preferences are different, why should Chester's compromise on the designs we deliver? Hence, following this path, we began the journey of creating exceptional masterpieces where no two designs were alike, ‘’You will own unique’’.


Our excellent team of craftsmen and experimenters walk through every Chester’s creation, with minute details and rigorous testing. They analyze the durability and comfort of each of our creations, alongside conducting personal tests to match the set standard of our brand. To provide you with the desired output, Chester’s applies personal experiences of customers to enhance our models. Every Chester’s product is, thus better than the previous one so that you always get the best.


At Chester’s, we don’t believe in putting a price on essential ingredients which are baselines for customer satisfaction. Our partner, Mr. Ashwin Ramaswamy states the reason for Chester’s to stand out in the competitive environment as, “What separates us from the wannabes is our intimate knowledge of leather and the leather market. It is not something that one acquires overnight. The relationship and trust that we have developed with the leather importers and suppliers provides us the cutting edge’’.


From Chesterfield sofas to classics, and to the occasionals, every design is handmade adding the connecting factor of comfort with luxury. From when we had set foot in India till today, it is our passion that drives us to provide finer living experience for our Indian consumers. We want our brand to be the answer to every consumer's furniture needs because at Chester’s ‘’Quality, Comfort, Luxury, Durability and Perfection matters’’.


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