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The guarantee of authenticity is inherent and inbuilt in every Chester’s, while the guarantee of quality lasts for a year in reality Chester’s pledges to offer timely and genuine service throughout the life of your purchase.

Care of leather upholstery

We have listed a set of simple guidelines to help you care for your Chester’s upholstery, be it leather or fabric, and ensure it has a long and trouble-free life. Cherish your Chester's and it will serve you well for years, as you savour the unique joy of owning and experiencing authentic luxury.

Remove any surface dust with a soft dry cloth or wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately with a soft cloth when necessary.

Regular dusting and vacuum cleaning in crevices is all that is necessary to clean your furniture.

In the case of a liquid spill, blot immediately with a soft absorbent cloth.

For butter, oil or grease spills, wipe off excess with a clean dry cloth, and leave alone. The spot should dissipate into the leather after a short period of time.

Keep away from direct sunlight or any other source of direct heat. Sunlight can cause severe fading of colour. Excessive heat can dry out the leather and cause hardening of the leather.

Never use saddle soap or cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps or ammonia water. Remember, leather is a natural material that ‘breathes’ so do not risk closing the process.

Leather is inclined to stretch and form creases and light surface cracks over a period of time. This not a fault but rather the inherent property of leather.

For minor or slight scratches on the surface, use a chamois cloth to gently buff the scratch. Deeper scratches might require moistening with distilled water and massaging with clean cloth.

Refrain from sitting on the back or arms of the furniture as this may distort the padding and can cause premature wear.

Care of fabric upholstery

Avoid sitting on the arms of the settees and chairs as it exerts excess and can cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and fabric.

All fabric snags easily and can be damaged by sharp edged toys, buckles, jewelry and domestic pets. Snags, when they do occur, should be trimmed using scissors. Under no circumstances should you attempt to pull it out

Direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time can cause fading and/or deterioration of fabric. When planning your room, arrange your furniture so that it is protected from sunlight.

Clean your upholstery at least once a week with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull the colours. It is advisable to have your furniture cleaned regularly by professional upholstery cleaner as different fibres and fabric constructions require special treatment.

Loose fitted sofa covers and cushions may be removed and given for professional dry cleaning as required.

Strictly avoid using bleach when washing your upholstery.

Severe spills and stains should only be removed by professional upholstery cleaners.

If you have any other queries or doubts, please contact us. Our friendly and experienced support team is more than happy to help.

If you have any other queries or doubts, please contact us.
Our friendly and experienced support team is more than happy to help.


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