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Real leather is a natural product that breathes, is warm and has individual characteristics, which makes each hide unique. Authentic leather always bears the marks of its natural origin and these characteristics can show as healed scars, growth marks, areas of differing fibre density, hair pore structure and pigmentation. These are characteristics that our patrons cherish when selecting high end Chester’s leather seating - be it a leather couch, leather office chair or a leather lounge chair. Time and usage enhance the beauty of a Chester’s seat. We have followed a time tested process of making leather. Our tanners are highly trained in what they do. To get from a salted hide to finished leather ready for use in a sofa takes about three weeks. What you have in the end is leather that is wonderful to touch, that ages gracefully and which you can cherish forever.

Chester's Authentic leather funrniture



Leather hides are natural products and their beauty is enhanced by the occasional surface blemish and subtle differences in texture and shade. At Chester’s, one of the leading sofa manufacturer’s in Bangalore, we ensure that each hide has its very own distinctive colour, texture and grain pattern. Hand dyed hides have unique blends of color and patterns and no two hides are the same. Selection of finished hides for a sofa is an art. Our artisanal hides add a dash of mystery that transforms every frame.