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James Chesterfield Leather Wing Chair

Timeless shape, practical and attractive. The James Chesterfield Wing Chair is ready to adorn neo minimalism, a corner office, corporate spaces or the boardroom.


₹ 94,000*

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Large Single Seater

Standard Double Seater

Standard Single Seater


  • Description
    The James Chesterfield Wing Chair so elegantly designed, it is hard to keep your eyes of it. Beautifully stretched leather on the arms, cushion and front and back shows the level of craftsmanship involved. Hand built by our artisans trained in Europe, this chair is nothing short of luxury, elegance and sophistication. 100% handpicked bovine material is selected to ensure each piece is a standout. Our in-house tanning processes ensure, the highest standard and quality is maintained to ensure your furniture stands the test of time and can be passed on as a family heirloom.

    • Kiln Dried European hard wood frames with Mortise and Tenon Joinery
    • Sinuous steel spring and heavy duty elastic suspension
    • Customised padding consisting of high resilience PU foam, felts, coir mats etc.
    • Fully upholstered in 100% Genuine Leather
    • Imported Profiles for long life
    • Imported antique brass nail head trims




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