The Making of Chesterfield Sofa

Discovering A Craft - Chesterfields

In 1986, we embarked on a journey of processing, finishing and exporting finished leather, and in a short span of time established a reputation across Europe. Once we had developed the skills and gained a deep understanding of leather, we were inspired to rejuvenate and recreate the magic of true leather furniture and the classic Chesterfield Sofa. The Chesterfields was popularised in 18th Century England, as a classic seat with a low back, curving to form upright arm-rests and comfortably upholstered with coiled springs. We rediscovered the fine craft of authentic Chesterfields, combining science and art, comfort and elegance, timelessness and nostalgia.
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Chester's Journey

Gaining first-hand knowledge and a passion ignited, we had mastered the art of manufacturing Chesterfield seating in India, by 1994. Our skilled artisans had a chance to develop their skills in Europe and European craftsmanship is world renowned and we were proud to bring it to India. By the year 2000, we were already supplying authentic handcrafted Chesterfield sofas to the connoisseurs of fine leather seating and were counted as one of the top sofa manufacturers in Bangalore.
A perennial quest for quality has led us to institutionalise and organise the process of manufacturing sofas in India. Our designs are inspired by Chesterfield seats, that have many layers, a finely crafted framework and leather upholstery that ages gracefully. Our classic chesterfield sofas were originally upholstered in the famed vegetable tanned ‘French Mouton Fauve Lambskins’ hand dyed and hand crafted to perfection. At Chester’s, we care about striving for the highest standards of quality, efficient customer service and ethical business practices.
With time, our relationships and reputation have grown. We count the leaders of enterprise nationally and most successful corporates amongst our patrons.
Perfection in a Chesterfield seat starts from the leather. The heart and soul of a Chesterfield is leather. We have followed a time-tested process of making leather and produce our own finished leather, from hides that are carefully sourced from Central and Western Europe. Leather is a natural product that breathes, is warm and has individual characteristics, which makes each hide unique. Authentic leather always bears the marks of its natural origin and these characteristics can show as healed scars, growth marks, areas of differing fibre density, hair pore structure and pigmentation. The hides are processed using the latest technology and environmentally safe chemicals and azo free dyestuffs. Our tanners are highly trained in what they do. We have two modern factories in Bangalore, manufacturing authentic Chesterfields. It takes about three weeks to transform a salted hide into finished leather ready for use in a Chester’s piece. Our patrons cherish the naturalness of hides when selecting high end Chester’s leather seating. Time and usage enhance the beauty of a Chester’s seat.

Making Of A Chester's Sofa

The Framing - Making of A Chester's The Framing - Making of A Chester's

the framing

The foundation of a Chester’s masterpiece, our frames are crafted carefully calculated dimensions. The superior quality Kiln Dried European Beech and Hard Pine Wood used prevents the onslaught of time on furniture, like warping, bending, cracking and termites. Authentic Mortise and Tenon Joinery is used in assembling the frames.

The Suspension & Webbing - Making of A Chester's The Suspension & Webbing - Making of A Chester's


This is the component which bears the maximum load. Chester’s uses a combination of sinuous steel springs and heavy duty imported elastic webbing. Our webbing and suspension ensures firm support and comfort that last a lifetime.

Padding - Making of A Chester'sPadding - Making of A Chester's


Frames are covered with many layers starting with natural jute fabrics, coir matting, felts and high resilience polyurethane foam of varying densities. This highly skilled process imparts the distinctively exquisite shape and contour of each Chester’s piece. Padded layers are fastened to the frames with steel staples and water based glues.

Upholstery - Making of A Chester'sUpholstery - Making of A Chester's


Finally the sofas are covered with fine leathers selected from our collection. Chester’s also is able to upholster sofas in fine fabrics on special request.